Choose your region, server tier and billing plan.
This page allows you to quickly get an estimate for your configuration.

Cloud Servers.

The price of a server running in the Overcast cloud depends on the region in which it is deployed and the tier and billing plan you select during the launch process.

A tier sets the cloud instance type (which determines the assigned CPU and memory), the internal storage volume size and the monthly data transfer quota for prepaid servers. In case of servers running SmartFoxServer, the tier price also includes the license fee.

The billing plan indicates the number of months you pay the server in advance. It can be 1, 3, 6 or 12 months and it sets the discount applied to the base server price (10%, 15%, 20% and 30% respectively). The service is automatically renewed with the same billing plan at the end of the period.

Select the server type, target region and billing plan to display the prices of the service.
Custom Tiers.

Alongside the standard tier options, we can also provide custom tiers for larger servers with different vCPU/RAM/storage and data transfer quota configurations. For more information and/or a quote, and tell us more about your project and requirements.

On-Demand Billing Plan.

Our SmartFox Cluster solution typically requires server instances to be launched and stopped on-demand, dynamically adapting to the number of users accessing your game. The price of these servers is calculated on an hourly basis, an depends on the actual usage and data transfer in the period (no prepaid quota is included). To get an idea of the price of on-demand servers, please refer to the tiers' "Base price" above: this is the price of an on-demand server in case it runs for 1 month with a total data transfer equal to the quota set for the tier.

Server Snapshots.

Inactive servers stored as snapshots for backup and cloning purpose are charged on a monthly basis for the actual storage hours, according to the following table.

Region Price
AP (Mumbai)

0.05 €/GB/month

AP (Singapore)

0.05 €/GB/month

EU (Frankfurt)

0.054 €/GB/month

US (North Virginia)

0.05 €/GB/month