Overcast is a dedicated cloud-based hosting service for SmartFoxServer 2X that provides a complete stack to build and run rich multiplayer experiences at any scale.

With Overcast developers can deploy SmartFoxServer instances in the cloud, world-wide, with a simple web-based interface. Each instance runs in its dedicated server and provides 100% of the features. This means that developers can deploy and run their server-side Extensions, tweak the server settings to their needs, integrate other services and libraries, etc.

Also, with SmartFoxServer Clustering we provide automation for load-balancing, orchestration and scaling, together with new API to build large scale projects that grow with your audience.

If persistence is needed, Overcast allows to launch MySQL servers with a few clicks, offering high capacity storage for your games that integrates directly with SmartFoxServer.

Latest news.

30 May 2023
Cluster support for HTML5/Javascript API is ready!

We have just added SmartFoxServer Cluster support to our offical HTML5/JS client API.

You can obtain the new release from our client API download page and learn more on how to build a Cluster client from the Overcast documentation.

31 March 2023
SmartFoxServer Cluster launch and new updates!

We are pleased to announce that SmartFoxServer Cluster is finally here, as part of the tools in the Overcast cloud.

The new Cluster feature offers additional scalability super-powers to your SmartFoxServer based games with:

  • Automatic horizontal scaling
  • Automatic load balancing
  • Advanced cluster-wide matchmaking
  • Advanced monitoring and management via SFS2X AdminTool
  • Extended SFS2X client side API with new events and requests

To learn more and get started check the updated documentation website 

Also you can learn how to create SmartFoxServer Cluster applications in Unity thanks to a number of new detailed tutorials with source code that we have just released.

» Update Overview

With the latest Cluster update we have also introduced a number of new features and improvements:

  • SmartFoxServer 2.19.0 is now available for both standalone and clustered systems
  • New AdminTool modules dedicated for configuring, managing and monitoring a SmartFoxServer Cluster
  • Updated C#/Unity and Java/Android client API supporting the SmartFoxServer Cluster (Javascript and iOS coming in the next months)
  • New regional database admin servers, to reduce latency when managing your database servers
  • New credit transfer procedure when terminating a server: allows to transfer residual credit on another machine, where applicable
  • DAU chart added to SmartFoxServer Statistics tab in server details view
  • CPU Credit Balance chart added to Statistics tab on server details page
  • Servers-per-app limit displayed on Applications and Application pages
  • Days to renewal of prepaid servers added to Application view
  • Renewal date for prepaid servers added to Server view
  • Improved software update checking system
  • When billing EU companies without a valid VAT, Overcast now sends a pro-forma invoice
  • New Overcast public API request to list available SFS2X clusters, see doc
  • Minor improvements and fixes

» Finalized Prices

With this update we have also finalized our prices but fear not, you won't be disapppointed.

  • All base prices remain essentially untouched
  • We have added a significant amount of included bandwidth in each server tier without increasing their prices
  • We have finalized the discounts for multiple months subscription
    • Previously they were 10% (1mo), 20% (3mo), 30% (6mo), 40%(12mo) as a promotion for the initial launch phase
    • They are now finalized as 10% (1mo), 15% (3mo), 20% (6mo), 30% (12mo)

» Two months Cluster Promotion

Starting today and until May 31st. 2023 all SmartFoxServer Cluster prices will be discounted by 20%. The promotion includes all prepaid server renewals until the end of the offer. After May 31st, server renewals will be reverted to the standard service price.

1 February 2023
Scheduled HQ maintenance on Feb 15th, 2023
On February 15th. 2023 at 09:00 UTC, we will be running a scheduled maintenance on the Overcast HQ servers which will render the control panel inaccessibile for a couple of hours.
This task is part of the activities that will allow us to launch the next updates, including the SmartFox Clustering which will be our next incoming release.

» What do I need to do?
You don't need to take any specific actions. The maintenance activity will not interfere with the normal functioning of your exisiting SFS2X or database instances. Just keep in mind that

» Will I receive another notification before the event?
Yes, we will send one more reminder one week prior to the event, but we still recommend to take note right now in your calendar.

» How do I convert UTC time to my time zone?
Please take a look at this time zone conversion website and add your city to translate the time.

27 May 2022
SFS2X 2.18.3 is available!

The new SFS2X patch 2.18.3 is now available, introducing a number of fixes and new features in the AdminTool.

You can read the complete release notes on the SmartFoxServer website.

30 March 2022
SFS2X 2.18.2 is available!

The new SFS2X patch 2.18.2 is now available, introducing a series of features that have been requested and updated client-side APIs for all supported platforms. 

You can read the complete release notes on the SmartFoxServer website.